Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

interior decorator difference interior designer

Between interior designer and interior decorator. In many cases, these two terms are used interchangeably to identify a person or person who has some ability and knowledge about the layout of a room.

Interior designers and decorators are two people with different work backgrounds, although at first glance they look alike. So what is the basic difference between these two professions?

This time we want to tell you the basic difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator.

Before Vira explains it in more detail, there is a significant difference between a designer and an interior decorator, that is, a designer is also a decorator. Whereas a decorator is not necessarily a designer.

Interior designer and interior decorator, what is the difference?

Designer means designer or designer. While Decorator has the meaning of people who make decorations; theater set decorator; a person who designs decorations for shop windows, stands, etc. and working on them at the same time.

If the designer is also a decorator, if the decorator does not make and work on the design and layout of a room, he only focuses on how to dress the room, decorating it so that it has the required look and the required aesthetics. play.

In addition to the two terms, interior designer and interior decorator, there is also another term in the world of interior design, namely stylist. An interior stylist is like a decorator, he is someone who has the ability and skill to change and decorate a room according to the latest styles and trends.

To know more clearly and definitively the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator, let’s take a look at the significant differences by definition between the two.

1. Interior designer

An interior designer is someone who is usually involved in a project from the beginning. In some situations they even work directly with an architect. The job of an interior designer is to help create functional interior spaces by truly understanding how each room will be used by the occupants or owners.

A designer will consider the issue of lighting, sound, and other aspects of the design that are consistent with structural considerations. And interior designers also have proper licenses and knowledge and skills.

An interior designer is a person who understands spatial planning, interior design and renovation, compiling a structured plan from the initial blueprint, and then how to place a decorative accent in a room.

A designer can not only improve the appearance, he can also increase the functionality of a room.

2. Interior designer

An interior decorator is not involved in planning the design of the building or the layout of the room. Interior decorators only focus entirely on finished furniture, colors, and shapes in a room.

A good decorator will change a room to match the character’s style. They work according to the client’s request.

You don’t need a special school or course to become a decorator. You can also be one of them.

To become a decorator, it only takes creativity that can be poured into interesting creations and works of art to support the appearance of a room, making it have a distinctive, elegant and artistic style, as well as an aesthetic that is in harmony with the design. and style in general.

Decorators are generally not involved in remodeling or structural planning. They come after the full section and focus on the appearance of the surface of the space. A decorator only focuses on the aesthetic part, helping to decide on a style, choosing a color scheme, buying furniture and some necessary accessories.

3. Educational background

Interior designers have a long educational experience to finally be called designers. An interior designer must go through special education, while an interior decorator does not.

Interior designers generally study and deal with various things such as color, structure, images, room planning, etc. Meanwhile, interior decorators learn orthodoxy without attending formal training. The decorator does not participate during the renovation, he only works after the renovation is complete.

While interior designers are the ones who design and help renovate the interior of a room.

Interior decorators work based on their instincts and sensitivity to color and space, while interior designers work through the sciences they master.

4. Work field

Interior designers often work with other professions such as architects or contractors. They will help home designers determine the correct colors, furniture, and decorations.

Meanwhile, interior decorators deal directly with customers without cooperating with other parties. Interior decorators not cooperating with other parties.

Which is a better interior designer or interior decorator?

Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

If the question is, who to invite to collaborate on an interior design project? Well, if this matter depends on your needs, yes, my friend.

If what you need is a matter of structural planning, how to restore the functionality of the room, renovate it so that it has a completely new look, or if you prioritize functions according to your needs and comfort, an interior designer is the best option.

But if all you need is how to make your room or house have the necessary aesthetic touch so that it is beautiful to look at, comfortable and does not require structural changes, a decorator can help you.

Even if what you need is to play with small details such as how to include decorations, combine the necessary motifs and colors so that the room looks fresher and more artistic according to the latest trends, an interior stylist may be an option.

In fact, many interior designers who have the ability and knowledge of spatial planning only perform functions and work as decorators. On the other hand, a decorator, in some situations, is also very involved from the beginning, even from the initial planning of the floor.

Now you know that interior designers and interior decorators are different professions, right? The educational background is very different, my friend. What interior designers and decorators do is also different and quite a significant difference.


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