Entryway, Mudroom and Laundry Room Wish List

Entryway, Mudroom and Laundry Room

Many of you who participated on the question board asked what features are comfortable and what cool things he should consider when planning his new home.

Today we are continuing the compilation of answers with suggested dream features for the entrance, mudroom and laundry room.

Separate Cubbies or Lockers

Mudroom and Laundry Room
Photography by John Bessle

Cubes or lockers are separate for everyone in the family to stay organized. This example has space for hanging outerwear and a bag, a place for shoes underneath, and a special basket for other items on the head.

Mudroom and Laundry Room
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The entrance has a place to release coats, gloves, hats, scarves, shoes, and bags on arrival. An organized entrance (usually on the backside, side or garage door) includes seating for wearing or removing shoes, storing book bags, and hanging locks.

Mudroom and Laundry Room
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The entrance is also a place to be cleaned as soon as you enter the house. Many people also mention the place to clean muddy shoes and dirty dogs. The bathroom on the left side of the laundry/mudroom is not let the dirt pass through the door threshold.

Best laundry room
© robertkiejdan.com

“Slop sink ” is a very useful feature. If you invest in a beautiful kitchen sink, you certainly don’t want to clean the paintbrush or muddy clothes in it.

laundry room ideas for small spaces
© artisticdesignsforliving.com

The last few years were huge for the laundry room. We have realized that extra storage for cleaning supplies, table folding laundry, sink, and other features are great to have in this expanded room.

We also prefer having a laundry room on the same floor as the bedroom or at least have a laundry channel for convenience. Some even add additional machines (more liked that save energy) to make the task of washing become faster; You can do a lot of white and lots of darkness at the same time, then dry it together.

laundry room ideas for small spaces
© angelatoddstudios.com

Another handy feature is the integrated ironing board. This way you can take off the outfit immediately after the feather cycle and make sure the outfit is pressed.

laundry room ideas for big spaces
© electronichouse.com

When you are in the laundry room, you can also watch your favorite on your laptop or TV. It may just be your favorite private space to escape from all the activities happening throughout the house.

laundry room ideas for small spaces
© dwellingsinc.net

If you are fortunate enough to have extra space in the laundry room, you can use it for other tasks, such as crafting. This Michigan laundry room even has a heated closet for a cool coat. And when you save extra coats or linens in the laundry room, you save space elsewhere at home.

laundry room ideas for small spaces
© klopfarchitecture.com

The curse of the cat owner is finding a place for the trash box. A clever reader suggests a cat’s closet in the laundry room. This gives the cat a comfortable and private place to do its business and prevent it from kicking the trash on the floor.

What do we miss? Let us know your favorite features for the entrance, mud room, and laundry room in the comments section.


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