Food Recipes

Fruit Salad Recipe With Vanilla Pudding Desserts

Suggestions before you start trying Use fresh, frozen, or canned fruits. One exception above, I’d rather always use canned pineapple chunks in juice. It...
The Current
1 min read

Easy Cold Appetizers for A Party Make Ahead Creamy…

A cold spinach cream dip made without mayo and with cream cheese! This is one of the most interesting for me and very easy...
Hamdan Kamali
1 min read

Pioneer Woman Thin Chicken Breast Recipes

Chicken Marsala Is Easily Prepared And Looks Fancy As It Originated From A Restaurant. This Is A Lightweight Chicken Breast Of Delicious Bread Flour...
Anggun Maharani
1 min read

Chicken Sausage Puffs with Creamy Mustard Dipping Sauce

The frozen puff Pastry is melted until bending and cut into squares before being topped with a bit of chicken sausage studs. When the...
Anggun Maharani
39 sec read

Recipe for Keto Taco Cup for an Appetizer

Taco shells made of cheese are the best keto-hacking. This cup takes inspiration from our Parmesan chips and is easy to make! Cutting the...
Anggun Maharani
1 min read

Crab Rangoon (American-Chinese Appetizer)

At Michigan where I live now, there are many Chinese restaurant, literally they are everywhere. From the cheap to the upscale. I have been...
Rachel Grace
41 sec read