French Style Interior Design Characteristics

French Style Interior Design Characteristics

France dominates not only in clothing style but also has a furnishing style that is very suitable for your living room. One of the classic furnishing concepts is the french style interior design.

French country-style interior design is, as the name suggests, interior design that originated in France. In contrast to the Scandinavian interior design, both from the European continent, the French country house interior design is in contrast to the Scandinavian interior design.

French Country’s own design was inspired by a farmhouse in France, which gives the room a luxurious and glamorous look but remains simple.

At the moment, French country-style interior design is not popular as people tend to prefer minimalist interior design. 

Even so, of course, the French country-style furnishings still have their own fans. For those of you interested in the style of a French country-style room, here are some tips you can listen to.

1. Combine the warmth and the impression of luxury in the room

The French country concept room has a look that is a combination of rustic interior design and interior design with a classic style. 

The simplicity of natural materials that dominate the space, such as wood and natural stone, is combined with the luxury of chandeliers and artistic items that are displayed in the space. Simple but elegant is the key to interior design in the French country house style.

2. Use of warm colors in the room

The choice of warm colors is the hallmark of interior design with a French country theme. A touch of brick red, gold, or yellow in the choice of furniture color gives the room a warm and homely impression, the golden color also gives the room an elegant impression.

The white wall color is the hallmark of living in France, but you don’t have to worry to make an impression that is too rigid.

The white chosen as the color on the wall is a white color with a touch of pink or a little cream. You can also use pale gray or pale mint colors if white is too stiff for you.

The color element in a French country house style shows softness and warmth through contrasting colors on furniture or furnishings. This color brings a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Color choices usually include tan, beige, soft yellow, soft gold, fiery red, light green, dark green, cobalt blue, and soft ocean tones. You can use rustic or white antique colors on furniture or furniture.

3. Minimal decoration in the room

The French are very fond of the minimalist style, they don’t mind the space that looks empty. Choose a decoration in a large room as a signature statement in the room or not at all.

You can also add bells and whistles to the room to make it look more graceful to enhance the French country-style interior design. You can put your antique mirror in the room, or a vintage lamp or gold carving. But avoid the impression of being too crowded in the room.

4. Use of antique furniture

Using furniture with an antique look that looks outdated in the room is highly recommended. You can acquire this antique furniture by hunting down flea markets for a bargain price when you buy it. 

Avoid excessive carving on furniture, choose furniture with simple carvings, such as carvings in the shape of geometric lines. Furniture with intricate carvings and crowds gives the impression of weight and excess in the room.

5. Using chandeliers as an accent sweetener

A minimally decorated room will look luxurious with sparkling chandeliers hanging in the room. It not only functions as a lamp but also gives the room an elegant impression of its beautiful shape.

6. Use of mirrors in the room

The use of mirrors in the room gives the impression that the room looks more spacious than the actual area of ​​the room. But of course, you should make mirrors with a simple design and not too many accents.

7. Use of parquet

Parquet floors or so-called wooden floors give the room a warm impression. French country house designs rarely use carpets in the room, so the choice of parquet flooring will emphasize the characteristics of this style of furnishing more.

8. Use of natural materials

Another important element of a French country style is natural materials. Coarsely stained or painted plaster walls, heavy beamed ceilings and walls, finely carved wooden details, and simply woven armchairs give the look structure and simplicity. Natural stone floors are also often used in the French country house style, usually with inserts made of wool or cotton.

Then the trademark of a French country house is a stone fireplace, then thick wooden beams in the ceiling area, further details are clay decorations, copper pots, and wrought iron accessories on the walls.


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