How to Make a Cover for Your Car Seat?

how to make a seat cover

Car seat covers fit over the seats that come installed in your car. Make a custom car seat cover to add style and protect from food spills or grime.

You can use car seat covers to provide extra cushioning or softness so that you are comfortable and relaxed while driving.

Custom car seats also provide you with a way to personalize the interior of your car while protecting the original upholstery from damage.

It can be expensive to purchase custom covers designed to fit your car seats perfectly. You can, however, sew up your own car seat covers with the right materials, patience, and a little know-how.

1. How to Create a Car Seat Cover?

1.1. Materials Needed

  • Clear plastic sheets, blank sewing pattern paper, or newspaper
  • Elastic (0.5” to 1” in width)
  • Fabric
  • Magic marker
  • Scissors or fabric cutter
  • Sewing machine or heavy duty needle and thread
  • String or twine

Step 1: Make a pattern for the car seat cover

Place a clear piece of plastic, a blank sewing pattern paper, or another big paper like the newspaper on top of the car seat mounting section, allowing it to cover its sides.

Spread the paper flat on the chair and use a magic marker to draw a line over the stitches in the existing car seat.

Draw a pattern for the car seat back in the same way.

Step 2: Cut the pattern

Use scissors to cut along the lines you draw earlier and discard excess plastic or paper.

This is your pattern template to create a special car seat holster and you can reuse it as needed.

Step 3: Use the pattern to cut the fabric

Put the pattern template on top of the cloth you want to use for the car seat holster.

Use a magic marker to draw a line around the pattern so leave the room 0.5 inches outside the pattern line so you have enough cloth to sew its parts. Then, use scissors or a cloth cutter to cut the cloth along the line.

Step 4: Sew the fabric seams together

By using a sewing machine or needle and yarn, sewing the edges of the fabric into one using the looseness of 0.5 inches of stitches.

If you do this by hand using needles and threads, make sure your stitches are toned enough to keep your car seat cover too often used.

Tip: You can even complete the edges of the stitch using zig-zag stitches to secure the stitches.

Step 5: Sew the elastic

Measure around the seat to determine the elastic amount you need to secure the lower end of the car seat and the rest in place.

Tip: You need around Â… “Of the length you just measured. If the sides and front of the stand, for example, are 48 inches in size, you only need about 32 inches of elastic.
First, sew each elastic end in its place and then sew the center of the elastic in place while keeping the elastic partially stretched throughout the process. It collects fabrics and lets you easily stretch the chair cover to the chair and release it with minimal effort.

Repeat the elastic adding process on the side of your seat’s cover back.

Step 6: Sew the backrest

Sew your backup parts and cover mounts into one.

Then, sew the two straps along roughly in the center of the backup section, one on each side.

The length of the rope has to be equal to the seat width or exceeding it. If necessary, you can cut it shorter later.

2. Fit the Car Seat Cover

Step 1: Place the cover on the car seat

Put the seat cover on your car seat, stretching the elasticized portions to fit over the seat and backrest.

Then, smooth the material out with your hands to ensure that there are no wrinkles in the fabric.

Step 2: Fasten the seat cover securely

Tie the attached strings around the back of the car seat to help keep the seat cover firmly in place through repeated use.

Although making your own car seat covers is a little time consuming, it can provide a lot of satisfaction in having done it yourself. After all, anyone can go out and buy a seat cover, but few can say they made theirs.

Making your own custom car seat covers also provides you with more fabric options, so you can give your own personal touch to your car’s interiors and match the interior color scheme as desired.


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