Modern Interior Design Styles

Modern Interior Design Styles

The nuances of a simple and plain house are not always synonymous with a minimalist style of furnishing. This simple interior design is known as contemporary interior design, or better known as modern interior design styles.

What is Modern Interior Design Style?

Although this modern style is often seen as a minimalist interior design, they both have different furnishing styles. Modern interior design styles are characterized by the fact that it is more flexible to break conventional design rules.

Characteristics of Modern Industrial Design Styles

Modern interior design styles have the characteristics of a room that does not use a lot of decoration to decorate the room, looks neat and clean.

The use of natural materials in combination with metallic materials is used as a characteristic feature of this design. The room is open plan with large windows using neutral colors like white, black, brown for the basic color of the room.

In addition to these properties, this design style is also reflected in the fact that it determines the shape of the furniture design through its trendy functionality and a practical lifestyle in order to be able to carry out activities quickly and efficiently With a simple design style, clean, tidy and functional, this style is a trend, which is used by most of the people in large cities.

Because the process is quick and efficient, depending on the needs of the people who live in big cities. With the minimal use of ornaments and decorations, the shape of the furniture becomes its characteristic feature.

The hallmark of a modern house is that it is transparent where the rooms are connected, usually only through partitions that act as mediators between the rooms.

Use of building materials in the form of polished stainless steel, aluminum, wide glass and natural materials that are processed into a finish.

If you long for a simple interior design that doesn’t look mediocre, the modern style can be the right choice. Some features of this modern furnishing style in detail can turn your home into a real dream home. Wow what is that

A Guide to Modern Interior Design

1. Use of natural materials

natural materials

When choosing materials in modern interior design styles, mostly natural materials such as real wood, recycled wood, natural stone, iron and concrete are used. The selection of these materials is often used without finishing, this is done so that the natural impression of modern interior design styles is more pronounced.

So my friend should choose high quality materials if you want to wear the furnishing style in such a way that the material used is durable even if it doesn’t go through the finishing process or the finish to make it look more charming but simpler.

2. Integration of linear elements for interior design

Integration of linear elements for interior design

One of the hallmarks of modern interior design styles that stands out is the straightforward element that compliments the atmosphere of the home. These straight lines can usually be seen in paintings, the shape of the railing, and the shape of the furniture used.

Ornaments with straight lines are a concept so that the interior does not look boring and still looks attractive, although the furnishing trends look quite simple.

This modern interior design style is constantly changing. Always changes frequently. Linear elements can also be used when using a modern swimming pool

3. Use of smooth floors

smooth floors

Uni-patterned floors are also synonymous with modern interior design styles. You can freely choose the flooring materials according to your taste and needs, from wood to porcelain to ceramics.

Normally, this modern interior leaves the simple wooden floor without a base, with the care that the floor is still warm to the touch.

However, there are also those who combine it with patterned carpets that have a function as a boundary marker or partition between rooms in the house.

If you want to add a patterned carpet, you need to pay attention to the fact that the color of the floor and the color of the carpet look harmonious and make the interior of the house more comfortable.

The addition of a patterned carpet also creates a living atmosphere with the impression of a modern ethnic interior design.

4. Use of geometric form elements

Modern furnishing styles do not always make your home appear rigid. Alternatively, you can also try adding geometric elements, such as a round table for a dynamic living environment.

If you combine the elements of the space correctly, you will get a unique contemporary style that will suit your family’s tastes. Geometric carvings can also be elements that give the impression of classic. By combining different styles, you can let your creativity run free.

5. Room with minimal bulkhead

Room with minimal bulkhead

The concept of modern interior design styles can be easily realized in your friend’s small house by reducing the number of partitions.

Because the bulkhead made of walls or other durable materials appears narrow. It would be better if you try to combine several rooms so that the decor looks simpler and more spacious.

Choosing suitable interior colors in each room reduces the impression of tightness and adds harmony.

This minimal compartment is suitable for use in the living room or family room, so that the feeling of warmth and togetherness is even more pronounced in this modern interior design style.

6. Natural light

Natural light

This modern interior design style means maximum natural lighting. Because glass is used in some room dividers.

The use of glass in large windows and skylights ensures that the atmosphere is always bright from morning to evening and this of course becomes very dominant in this modern interior design style.

The hallmark of this modern interior design style makes the house not only more comfortable but also effective in saving electricity consumption. You can apply this to a modern minimalist interior design as an example that this interior design mix can be coherent.

7. Selection of light furniture with a minimalist look

Selection of light furniture with a minimalist look

In order to be able to complete a modern interior design style, it is advisable to select furniture with a suitable and suitable model. One of the best choices is with minimalist furniture that looks light and simple.

The combination of modern interior architecture and furniture with the right design creates a cozy and not outdated room atmosphere.

Do not hesitate to choose minimalist furniture that does not go through a finishing process so that the natural impression becomes even stronger.

8. Application of advanced technology

If you are on an inflated budget, there is nothing wrong with using various advanced technologies to perfect the modern feel.

The neat installation of electronic devices, automatic light panels and air conditioners installed with a closed concept will certainly make your home look more presentable and futuristic.



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