*Sarahah Apk* Latest Version Free download for Android

sarahah apk

Hello, Friends If you want to Download the Sarahah Apk for Andriod smartphone then you are in right place here you can download the Sarahah Apk Latest Version For Android phone and you can use the ultimate features for this Application and enjoy it.

Sarahah Apk is popular Apk at present many People Downloaded it Using this app you can send messages to your friends who also use the Sarahah apk.

Sarahah Apk is available for Android and iOS so you can use this Application on your Android and iPhone.

Sarahah Apk Latest Version Free download for Android

We can also Share Sarahah apk to twitter and Facebook that gives us to the opportunity to communicate with the larger number of people.With the help of Saraha apk we can directly connect to the friends for free.we can compose or send a simple text message or we can just leave a constructive text message. Sarahah apk just hides identification of the users except with their consent.

we can also share our message to the friends so they can view our messages. we can not reply to received message yet but it may be in next update. Sarahah apk is just a great application with privacy feature. It is now getting a high rating in google play store.

How to Download Sarahah Apk Latest Version download for Android

You just have to download Sarahah Apk file and install directly to your smartphone.We can register it with mobile number and email id then set our unique passcode. It is very easy to share and reliable application. This application gives notification if there is a new message. This application basically provides a great platform for messaging. It also has creative and cool loading animation. we can simply log out and switch another different Sarahah account.
we can also provide you fast and reliable downloading speed with virus free and bug-free apk package


We can enable/disable notification Sound and also enable/disable notification preview that gives us greater control.


 Sarahah Apk also provides greater privacy option for as appear in search or not we can easily manage it.
In privacy sarahah apk also allow an unauthorized user to post or not, we can enable/disable through setting option which helps to control and manage the privacy.

How to Create an Account on Sarahah Apk:

We can also manage Sarahah Apk account through setting tab.We can simply edit profile information as well as profile picture with change photo option in settings by Take photo and choose a photo from storage.we can also delete profile photo by simply click on delete photo option.We can edit your name and your email address as well.we can also change the password very easily.


We can easily search existing user through search tab.you can see their profile photo and directly send them message anonymously. The main and advantageous feature of Sarahah apk is anonymous or being secret.


There is 3 different separated Tab for messages like received, favorite and sent. The user can only see an incoming message in received tab and the send message are in sent tab and the user can also set or make message favorite so he can easily locate them by choosing and by the long press to desire message and make it favorite. It can be a simple Text message or regular message with emoji.


One of the main features of Sarahah apk is Feedback.It makes this application more flexible as we can receive Feedback from friends anonymously.It is a great and fun full Android application.


The anonymous nature of this Android application is a big and main feature people who want to share their feeling and give their opinion by hiding it from another people this makes it most significant application. The user identification is fully hidden and can’t be shared with anybody is one of the biggest factors of its popularity.

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