Scandinavian Interior Design Characteristics

Scandinavian Interior Design Characteristics

The Scandinavian interior design style was first introduced in the 50s, Scandinavian interior design characteristics are characterized by a simple, clean and neat appearance and gives the room a touch of nature.

The style and concept of Scandinavian home design or Nordic style are part of the development of interior design respecting various elements of craftsmanship so that the appearance still looks elegant.

This simple design, suitable for use in cold climates, can be seen in the structure of the furniture, which has fur accessories on the carpet and chairs that have a large window that is used to warm up in winter.

Many interior designers recommend applying this Scandinavian furnishing style to minimalist houses or houses with limited space.

At that time, a limited size house or a small house has become the lifestyle of modern city dwellers. Applying a Scandinavian interior is sure to create an aesthetic and artistic space.

This Scandinavian design style is also like magic or a talisman that can conjure up houses and apartments or even commercial spaces or change the appearance to keep their appearance functional.

Simplicity but functionality is key to the added convenience you can get. Are you already curious what the detailed view of the interior is like?

Let’s look at the following characteristics of Scandinavian interior design:

1. Use Neutral and Subtle Colors

scandinavian neutral and subtle colors

The colors commonly used in this design are subtle colors like white, gray, blue, beige, and other subtle colors. Subtle colors can give the viewer the impression of being well-groomed, clean and warm.

In addition, subtle colors can give the room a broad spatial impression and can be combined with different colors without creating the impression of colliding in the combination.

Neutral and subtle colors should also leave an aesthetic impression and at the same time make a narrow room appear more spacious and modern.

But actually Scandinavian interior design doesn’t limit the use of colors. There is also an increasing use of bright colors and aims to make the atmosphere more lively

2. The Corner of The Room With Open Lighting

 Corner of The Room With Open Lighting

Open lighting so that the sun can shine into the room. The function of good lighting is that it can illuminate the corners of the room, which can provide warmth in the room.

This Scandinavian interior design style was created in Eastern Europe where it’s winter. This lighting is very important in winter to warm the room.

3. Slim, Thin, Simple Furniture

Scandinavian Slim, Thin, Simple Furniture

The hallmark of Scandinavian design furniture is shown in its slim and thin shape. shows the characteristics of being simple and simple, with functional furniture suitable as an option for a small house with a cool appearance that has the characteristics of furniture with a smooth line shape.

The material used is usually a combination of wood and plastic. In addition to floor furniture, wood is also used. Why? because wood can make a warm impression. With a simple, slim and thin shape that adapts to its functionality, it can save space in the house.

Simplicity in the Scandinavian interior style consists of minimalist elements and has simple geometric motifs.

This slim, thin and simple form is also reflected in the architectural design of the house. Even if it appears minimalist, Scandinavian furniture still has a high artistic value and appears timeless and modern.

Basically, Scandinavian interior design doesn’t require a lot of things or anything that can make the space feel cramped and look disorganized

Scandinavian language furniture that is thin and simple can make a room look very organized by getting rid of items that do not have the maximum function and only burden the capacity of the room.

4. Combined With Natural Nuances to Impress Warmly

Scandinavian Combined With Natural Nuances to Impress Warmly

Green tones can give the room a warm impression, and can create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. This decoration is mostly used in the Scandinavian style to sweeten the room and is identical to natural material furniture.

So by adding decorations such as ornamental plants that are kept in the corner of the room and on the table or on the wall, it can strengthen the character of nature and create a warm, fresh and calming space.

Scandinavians are famous for their love of nature. In that case, try to put it indoors.

The commonly used decorations usually use natural decorations such as indoor plants or decorations made of wood. In addition, large windows also let natural light into the house and integrate the outside area into the house.

5. Prioritize Appearance and Function

Scandinavian  Prioritize Appearance and Function

If you pay attention to how the Scandinavian design style furniture looks like a sofa or a chair and table, it looks like it has a modern mid-century look.

But of course the Scandinavian interior with innovations that put function in the foreground can really be a solution for your space, as it is visually very appealing.

Scandinavian interior design is indeed synonymous with essential furniture, even if the budget used is arguably limited.

A family room usually has only one sofa, table, coffee table, and TV table. In the bedroom there is only one bed, a wardrobe and a dressing table.

The shape of the furniture in the Scandinavian interior design doesn’t have any complicated carvings either, but it still looks aesthetic, brother!

Thus, this Scandinavian interior is very suitable for a small house. In addition, the use of minimalist furniture makes it easier for you to clean the room on a daily basis.

6. Impressive Floor Appearance

Impressive Floor Appearance Scandinavian house

One of the other characteristics of Scandinavian interior living spaces is that the floor decorations look warm yet beautiful.

Use wood floors with natural colors or more neutral colors like white.

This is a sign that the design and color accents on the floor not only provide support for maximum lighting of the room, but can also make the room appear wider.

Wood is a material that is often used on floors in Scandinavian interior design, which in addition to patterned carpets also enhances the impression of a warm room.

7. Adding Texture and Fabric Elements to Make the Room Feel Warm

Texture and Fabric Elements to Make the Room Feel Warm

If the minimalist and modern interior uses a slippery surface structure such as plastic or iron, it differs from the Scandinavian interior, which uses a non-slip surface structure.

Hence, another characteristic of this Scandinavian interior is the use of warm fabrics such as fleece, thick cotton and sofa cushions.

This texture element acts as a heater and is a mandatory accessory that is applied when the air temperature is cold.

In addition, the presence of fabrics gives the entire layer and design an interesting touch and pattern. So that the atmosphere of the room appears warm and cozy.

Oh yes, my friend can also put a blanket on the sofa in the family room. Blankets made of wool or linen are usually used as blankets. Furniture made of wood does not have to be coated either. Make the wood look like it is merging with the ceilings.

8. Use Stacks of Books

Use Stacks of Books

For those of you who like books and also like Scandinavian interior design style, it is time to use the book collection as a special element in a room at home.

How to set it up is very simple, you know. It doesn’t have to be neatly arranged on a shelf, just by stacking the books you happen to have and there are multiple levels.

You can use this stack of books as a table, presentation mat and reading lamp base. If you just want to have it stacked on top with no other display objects, that’s no problem either. It will still look beautiful and unique.


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