Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas on a Budget

The big day is about the little touches, and the centerpieces are interesting is a must for a memorable decoration. Although the bouquet is fine, you can spend less money and have fun by making your own decorations cheap and easy.

They will reflect your creative side and your uniqueness as a couple, making your “I Dos ” A truly memorable event.

Save Money on Wedding Reception Decorations

1. Cover with cloth

You can get a few meters of your favorite cloth in the craft store and use it for everything, from the table cover to the curtains from the ceiling (e.g. Thin fabrics are suitable for this and create a romantic atmosphere). Be creative with material to create a gentle, intimate atmosphere.

2. Use White Christmas Lights

Many people use white Christmas lights all year round on the back porch as a simple and elegant decoration. And these lamps can be a wonderful addition to the wedding reception venue! They can be hung on the ceiling, around the table, around the cake, or in a potted plant. If you don’t want to use Christmas lights, consider lanterns instead.

3. Show photos of your involvement

Your guests will be glad to see your engagement photo, and your reception is a great place to show it. In fact, your reception may be the only place where some of your guests will ever see your engagement photos.

And while you do, bring some of your favorite photos about yourself and your life partner to be displayed at the reception. If you’re not sure how to display them in a frame or in a collage, consider creating slideshows for reception entertainment.

4. Tie Ribbons

Upholstery covers can be costly to rent and a lot of work to do. Instead of using the upholstery holster, get a beautiful wide ribbon to fasten on the back of the chair to add elegance and move it around.

Ribbons are inexpensive alternatives compared to luxury upholstery pillowcases. Ask friends for help to cut and tie the ribbon for the big day.

5. Has a picnic

I was in an outdoor wedding where the “table ” Reception was just a blanket and pillow on the ground and each blanket had its own picnic basket filled with goods and wines. It was fun, classy, and quirky – not to mention much cheaper than formal affairs with a seat.

6. Use Feathers

Feathers are a great trend in wedding decorations. Buy in bulk from a craft store or through Amazon and make a great feather wreath to hang on the wall or add to the floral centerpieces for an elegant (and inexpensive) look.

7. Add Candles

There is nothing more romantic than a dim room that is just illuminated by the light of hundreds of candles. And fortunately candles are not expensive.

8. Add a Water Feature

A nice addition to your reception entrance will be a fountain. It can even be small that you have in your home that sits on the table. The sound of the fountain is very refreshing, and it will be nice for your guests to listen because they can finally relax at the reception.

9. Decorate with Food

The Menu of the wedding food and drink you choose and how the arrangement on the plate can add a lot of pizzazz on your big day.

Large candy jars and miscellaneous pharmacies in the dessert bar create a festive atmosphere, while the gorgeous trays and fresh cheese farms and rustic breads can directly make the party have a more organic feel.

10. Have fun with flowers

I went to a wedding that had a large floral display. They look like big flower balls. They are elegant, inviting, and memorable. Honestly, I don’t remember decorations other than the flower ball of this wedding.

While this display looks professionally made, the bride can make this flower ball by herself by getting a large Styrofoam ball (in a craft store like Michael) and inserting a flower rod into it.

It will be cheap as long as you either use silk flowers or order your flowers from online wholesalers to save money on wedding floral arrangements.


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