Top Three Winter Diffuser Blends with Vitruvi

Best Winter Diffuser Blends

December: Frozen eyelash season, curl up with fire, sip cocoa on the Christmas Tree and eat more sugar cakes than you ever imagined possible – Christmas is here, and I’ve overcome it.

Usually, this is the year I started grabbing my holiday candles – but, this year I have a different trick on my arms which is a little healthier: essential oil. Honestly, I don’t know much about the benefits of oil for health, so I won’t pretend like I am. But, I really like how they make my house smell and they are not filled with chemicals like most candles.

This year i’ve teamed up with Vitruvi, the maker of the STUNNING stone diffuser that’s taken over Instagram, to share three of my favorite winter scents you can diffuse throughout the holiday season. Here are my favorites:

Best Winter Diffuser Blends

Walk in the Forest Blend

I got the Woodsy Bundle because nothing says winter to me more than the smell of fresh pine trees. My favorite combination thus far is a mixture of Spruce and Cedarwood (50/50) – it feels just like you’re walking in the woods. Also highly recommend the Ceremony Blend if you like the earthy scents.

Holidaze Blend

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’ve stepped into the middle of a snowglobe and found a real life winter wonderland, then this blend is for you. I added peppermint into my classic Spruce and Cedarwood blend for a a minty punch. Just make sure you add more peppermint, so that it evens out the forest scents. Vitruvi also recommends adding a touch of sweet orange to this mixture for a full winter experience.

Purchase the peppermint oil here.

Hallmark Movie Marathon Blend
Curling up on the couch for holiday movies? Opt for the calming citrusy sent of Bergamot, Cedarwood and Orange. It’s festive, fun and incredibly relaxing!

You can see more at: Kenzie


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