Bird Bath Decorating Ideas

Once you’ve set up the feeder, it’s probably the best way to make your backyard more appealing to birds is by adding water. Birds need clean and fresh water supply that can be relied on for drinking and bathing.

Placing a birdbath in your yard may attract birds that do not eat seeds and will not come to your eating place. (Another way to attract birds is to provide a perched box and provide hive material).

Where Should I Place a Bird Bath in my Yard?

Birds seem to prefer bathing that is set at ground level, where they usually find water in nature. When birds bathe, they can be prone to predators.

Place a birdbath in the shade where possible, to make the water cooler and fresh. Having a nearby tree will also provide a branch where they can have a vanity.

Set the stone (or branch) in the water so that the bird can stand above them to drink without being wet (this is very important during frozen weather).

Water should be no deeper than 0.5 to 1 inch at the edges, sloping to a maximum depth of 2 inches in the middle of the bath.

Bird Bath Ideas Front Yards

Photo by RDM Architecture – More landscaping ideas

This garden path was created next to the new master bedroom addition we designed as part of the Orr Residence renovation. The curving limestone paver path is defined by the plantings. RDM and the client selected plantings that are very happy in the shade as this part of the yard gets very little direct sunlight.

Bird Bath with Stacked Tea Set

Bird bath front yards



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