Bulldozer Uses: Parts and Functions

Bulldozer Uses

There are several types of heavy equipment, including a bulldozer. Bulldozers can be found in a variety of professions, particularly those related to moving soil or material.

The function of the bulldozer is to balance the land or material. This is because the bulldozer has a very high driving force.

Since the role of bulldozers is very important in different professions, it is necessary to learn different things about bulldozers.

What does bulldozer mean? What is the function of the bulldozer? What are the components of a bulldozer? How do bulldozers work? All of this is discussed in the following article.

What is Bulldozer?

Bulldozer is a type of heavy equipment that is used for the distribution of land or materials.

In addition, bulldozers can also be used for various other jobs like digging, pushing, moving, pulling, and popping various materials.

Bulldozers can work on different types of surfaces ranging from hard surfaces to soft surfaces like swamps etc.

Basically, a bulldozer is just a tractor that is outfitted with other equipment so that it can do different jobs as needed.

The tractor is used as a driving force so the bulldozer can mobilize to make the job easier. As the name suggests, the bulldozer is actually used to push the material straight ahead.

Bulldozer Uses

There are multiple functions of the bulldozer in different jobs that require heavy equipment. For more details, a discussion of the function of the bulldozer follows.

1. For clearing or slashing

The function of the bulldozer is to clear or slashing. This is because the bulldozer is able to clear the land or location of bushes, trees, tree felling debris, heaps of earth or stone, and various things that can affect the work area.

The tree can be cleaned by pushing or pulling tree to be cleaned. These various jobs can be performed before the material leveling process or at the same time as the material leveling process.

2. For pioneering work

The function of the bulldozer is to do pioneering work (pioneering work). Pioneering work or pioneering work is work done after the process of broaching or cutting.

Usually used for leveling the work area, creating roads, etc. to make the work process easier. All of these things can be done with a bulldozer.

3. For digging or moving material

The job of the bulldozer is to dig or move material over short distances. Bulldozers can be used in making trenches, irrigation rivers, dams, etc. In addition, bulldozers can transport materials, but over short distances.

This is because the bulldozer’s efficiency is only capable of moving or pushing at a distance of 200 feet. Using more is not effective and can cause various problems for the bulldozer.

4. To distribute material

The job of the bulldozer is to distribute the material. Dozers with blades can smooth or spread material of a certain thickness as needed. The material in the form of mounds is pushed by bulldozers and distributed in emergencies.

5. For the backfilling process

The function of the bulldozer is for the backfilling process. Bulldozers can be used to fill various excavation jobs such as pumps, culverts, foundations, etc. The process is the same as spreading the material, which is pushed until the material closes the hole.

6. Put something on

The function of a bulldozer is to attract something. This is because the bulldozer has very large power. With this great force, it can be used to pull things like trees or other heavy equipment.

Parts of Bulldozer

In order to perform their functions, bulldozers usually consist of several components. The components of the bulldozer include the shield, lift cylinder, idler roller, mainframe, straight frame, cab, and various other components.

Each component of the bulldozer has a different function. But the goal is for the bulldozer to work properly. A discussion of the bulldozer components follows for more details.

1. Blade

The blade is a component of the bulldozer that has the function of pushing the material. This blade is in the shape of a shovel made of iron or a mixture of high strength. When using it, there are several types of blades, namely:

  • Universal blade is a type of blade for pushing large amounts of material.
  • Straight blade is a type of blade that is used for various types of terrain and work.
  • Fishing knife is a type of knife used for side throwing, road clearing, trench cutting, and side hill cutting.
  • Pillow blade is a type of blade that is used to reduce the appearance of plants because it is equipped with pillow rubber.
  • Bowl Dozer is a type of shield used to make bulldozers more efficient at pushing or lifting material. This hall is because of its useful design to prevent spilled material.
  • Lightweight material u-blade, a type of blade used for light, non-cohesive materials like mud, etc.

2. Lift Cylinder

The lift cylinder is one of the components of the bulldozer that has the function of moving the shield. The lift cylinder is one of the power cylinders that transmits the hydraulic power to position the shield as needed. The lift cylinder can be controlled using the lever in the cabin.

3. Carrier roll

The idler roller is one of the components of the bulldozer that has the function of holding the mainframe. The support roller or caster is used to hold the base plate in position so that the bulldozer can mobilize properly.

4. Sprockets

The sprocket is a component of the bulldozer that has a function of moving the caterpillar. The sprocket is a gear that continues the torque of the engine to move the bulldozer as needed.

5. Main Frame

The mainframe is one of the components of the bulldozer that has a function as a support roller groove. The mainframe is the mainframe of the undercarriage bulldozer as a place for the caster to hold the floor slab in place.

6. Straight frame

The straight frame is one of the components of the bulldozer that acts as a blade support bar. A straight frame can be viewed as a shield armor shield carrier that hinges in direct contact with the shield to allow the shield to move freely for excavation or material lifting.

7. Track

The track is a component of a bulldozer that functions as a bulldozer wheel. This rail is part of the bulldozer that is in direct contact with the road surface, which transmits the rotational force of the engine to allow the bulldozer to move.

8. Cutting edge

The cutting edge is one of the components of the bulldozer that has the function of leveling the surface of the ground. The cutting edge is the part of the blade that is serrated to level the ground well.

9. End bit

End bit is one of the components of the bulldozer that has the function of picking up material. End bit is the side or corner of the blade that protrudes slightly outward. This section is useful for scooping material into the blade.

10. Cabin

The cabin is a component of the bulldozer that functions as the driver’s seat and control room of the bulldozer. This cabin is located in the upper structure of the bulldozer. In the cabin, there are various control panels of the bulldozer.

11. Engine

The engine is one of the components of the bulldozer that has the function of propelling the bulldozer. This motor is useful for generating torque that is used to propel the bulldozer as needed.

How Bulldozer Works

The way a bulldozer works is actually quite simple. Bulldozers work by using a tractor as a drive and a hydraulic system to regulate various equipment works on the bulldozer.

The way the bulldozer works in the balancing work process has three methods that can be done. The method consists of.

1. Down Hill Dozing

The way the bulldozer works when dozing down is by always pushing down. This hall can use the earth’s gravity to increase the speed and power of the bulldozer. This method is often used on slopes.

2. High wall or float dozing

The way the bulldozer works using the high wall or floating dozer method is to dig several times to get the material.

The material is then pushed to the edge of the slope so that it later falls by itself or slides down the slope. However, the use of bulldozers must be carried out carefully, namely incubating before reaching the edge of the slope.

3. Trench or Slot Dozing

The bulldozer monkey method uses the trench or slot dozing method, namely by digging a path in the same way.

With this method, a kind of wall, or better known as spikes, forms to the right and left of the blade. With the spikes, no material will leak through the right and left sections of the blade for better efficiency. This method is often used on flat surfaces.

The way bulldozers work in general is the same as other heavy equipment. The work of the bulldozer is controlled by a tractor as the drive medium so that the bulldozer can be easily mobilized, as well as a hydraulic system to drive various implements on the bulldozer so that it works properly.


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