Asphalt Paver Machine: Parts, Uses, How it Works

Asphalt Paver Machine

Asphalt pavers are a type of heavy equipment used for road construction.

  • What is the function of asphalt pavers then?
  • What components are asphalt pavers made of?
  • How do asphalt pavers work?

Everything to do with the construction of heavy machinery, starting with the function of the asphalt paver, the components of the asphalt paver, and the functioning of the asphalt paver, is covered in the following article.

Use of Asphalt Paver Machine

Hot asphalt spreader or asphalt paver is a machined device used to spread a mixture of hot asphalt on the road surface according to the width and height of the estimated thickness of the road.

The main component is divided into 2 parts, namely the drive side and the support side. From the type of the driver of this equipment, there are 2 types, namely, the millipede type or caterpillar type and the type of the rubber tire wheel type. However, the function of the two types as hot asphalt combi spreaders is the same.

The millipede or crawler track type for asphalt pavers has a strong stance useful for moving dump trucks when filling the container but has a slow-moving speed so that it is even less agile when maneuvering or mobilizing, while for wheel type spreaders tires are more agile when maneuvering or mobilizing. Important skill data to understand is:

  • Load capacity of the hopper (tons);
  • The standard width capability and the maximum span (with screed attachment or attachment) are measured in meters;
  • Height of the maximum thickness of the stretch (cm)
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Asphalt Paver Machine Parts

Some of the important components required for asphalt pavers are as follows:

1. Hopper

Some of the main components on this page are:

The reservoir or hopper;
Walls or hopper wings that can be folded;
Conveyor belt
Suggestion door or feeder gate;
Drive roller or push roller

2. Auger

In the middle is the combination of hot asphalt that is routed from the funnel to the tap or auger. This thread for or the snail serves to distribute this hot asphalt mixture evenly to the left and right until the shoe or screed has the desired width of the route.

If the stretch is wide enough that the screed has to be lengthened (lengthening), it is usually hydraulically driven, so in order to achieve an even distribution of the hot asphalt mix on the left and right ends of the screed extension, an additional thread guide for or the auger is required for either the left end or the right end. Attaching these additional drills is usually enough to screw onto the original drill rods.

3. Screed

A leveling shoe or screed whose main function is to create a combination of hot asphalt with the width of the track, the thickness of the track layout, the slope, and the flatness of the surface as expected.

Asphalt pavers are usually equipped with standard wide screeds or leveling shoes and an extension or extension screed on the left and right to increase the width of the route.

Please note that when the extension of this leveling shoe is installed, the thread for or the auger must also be attached to the extension

4. Overlay Thickness Controller

One of the data about the ability of the asphalt processor is the strength of the maximum expansion thickness (in cm) and the minimum thickness.

The adjustment of the thickness and inclination of the expansion surface can be done manually or automatically.

This controller is located on the left and right sides of the leveling shoe. To see the thick (loose) stretch, you can work with a thickness gauge. The results of the measurements with the tape measure, the thickness of the stretch can be equated if it is not correct.

The adjustment should not be carried out often, as each adjustment needs time to reach a state of equilibrium with the desired thickness after approx. 5 times the length of the screed arm.

5. Screed heater

A leveling shoe heater or screed heater is part of the equipment of the asphalt paver. This heater is usually a type of heater or burner with liquid gas as fuel.

The leveling shoe plate or the screed plate must be preheated before the asphalt paver is operated until the leveling shoe plate has reached a temperature that corresponds to the temperature of the hot asphalt combination to be spread, at least 125 ° C maximum 145 ° C

Wedgmounts or planks are usually equipped with vibrators or vibrators using the eccentric pole method. With the vibrating screed, the screed acts like a starter addict, until the expansion that comes from the screed is denser than with threads or snails.

This leveling shoe vibrator can also be of various types of electrical vibrating devices. The vibration force and frequency can be adjusted depending on the type of hot asphalt combination and the thickness of the route.

The combination of hot asphalt running through the cleat or screed, hence for some asphalt pavers equipped with a vibratory tamper plate or vibratory tamper that is placed in front of the cleat or screed to increase homogeneity and density and improve channel smoothness.

6. Diesel engine

The main driving force for this hot asphalt combi spreader or asphalt paver is usually a diesel engine. In addition to driving the wheels or driving the combi spreader on the asphalt paver, this diesel engine rotates a hydraulic pump that drives several other components.

How Does an Asphalt Paver Work

The functioning of the asphalt paver was actually explained in the various components of the asphalt paver. Hot mix is ​​placed in the asphalt paver container. Before use, however, it is heated by a heater under the storage container to keep the hot mixed mixture hot.

During the balancing process, the container vibrates so that the asphalt mixture can emerge evenly in layers. So that the asphalt is mixed evenly on the roadway, the screed smooths the hot mix of hot asphalt.

A thickness gauge is used to ensure that the thickness of the asphalt layer remains the same.
The asphalt paver moves back and forth so that the hot layer of asphalt can be evenly distributed on the pavement, resulting in good road quality. The hot mixed mixture is then compacted with a soil compactor.

The above is a discussion of the heavy equipment of an asphalt paver based on the function of the asphalt paver, the components of the asphalt paver, and how the asphalt paver works. Hopefully, it can add insight and knowledge.


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