What is Commercial Construction Project?

commercial construction projects

Commercial Construction Projects are generally built into unique designs, so they are easy to attract attention. This is one of the marketing strategies so that the business activities in it are easily recognized and attached as brand icons offered.

The function of convenience is not only the main thing in the construction of a building, especially for commercial activities. Oftentimes, unique designs are needed in creating branding and product introduction strategies.

This finally introduces us to the term Commercial Construction Project. Which literally means a place that is deliberately built for the needs of commercial activities in the midst of society.

The promoters or promoters of housing products in general also realize the importance of constructing this type of building. So, in addition to offering a conventional residential concept, tent houses or rental houses are often built around the neighborhood.

In modern society, economic factors are often inseparable from education, health, etc. Because this is often related to activities to meet needs and livelihoods.

The ease of accessible facilities is often the main attraction of a housing product. Meanwhile, for entrepreneurs, commercial construction products with unique designs, strategic locations, etc. can increase the potential of the business to be built.

In the Community, the types of Commercial Construction Projects vary according to the scale of the type of business that is carried out. Now more on buildings designed for commercial activities, here are the types and factors that are often associated with Commercial Construction Projects.

Types of Commercial Construction Projects

In its application, Commercial Construction Projects usually fit large or small, as well as the type of business that is being run. Classified by type of business, here are some Commercial Construction Projects that we generally find in the surrounding environment:

Shop / Store

It is a simple Commercial Construction Project that we usually find for small and medium-sized businesses. Generally, buildings with this type of business can be in the form of shophouses (storehouses) or various corners of the house that are deliberately built for buying and selling activities.


This type of business is not new in the environment that surrounds us. Also known as Supermarkets that have self-service facilities, or shoppers can pick up and collect their necessities directly before receiving payment at the cashier.

This type of business is multiplying in the community, with the type of building from small to large, depending on how big the business is. In Indonesia, some of the supermarket franchise companies have created brands, making them familiar to the surrounding community.

Usually, this type of building for this business has a larger area than a retail business. And to run your business, you need a special place that functions as a point of sale or showroom to display the products offered.

The shape of this building generally fits the type of business that is being conducted. Such as food businesses, vehicles (motorcycles and cars), or electronic equipment. The correct branding process in terms of building design is often done to attract the attention of potential consumers.


The concept of this type of business is usually offered in two variants, namely traditional and modern. In traditional business types, generally, the place and shape of the building are offered in a simple way, even business owners independently build their own stalls or businesses.

While in its modern form, the mall is built in a large building. Inside it usually houses many entrepreneurs carrying out commercial activities, this type of business is usually known as a shopping center.

Office building

It is a Commercial Construction Project because it conducts commercial activities. In terms of needs, buildings for this type of commercial activity are built very broadly, since there are several business owners.

However, it is not uncommon for an office building to be occupied by a large-scale company. Although it does not have a certain standard of construction area, the forms of buildings that are presented in this need vary. It can be a simple building, even a skyscraper.

Factors in Building Commercial Construction Project

As mentioned above, the main purpose of the design and construction of Commercial Construction Projects is to facilitate commercial activities. So in the planning process, the need to construct this building requires several factors that need to be taken into account, including:

Brand needs

Whether we realize it or not, like product packaging, Commercial Construction Projects are often the spearhead that determines the point of sale. Buildings with unique designs will easily attract attention and aid the branding or presentation process in the community.

Security factor

It is undeniable that business activities often experience significant obstacles due to high criminal activity. Therefore, the safety factor must be taken into account when constructing a Commercial Construction Project.

Adapted to the budget

However, the building is one of the assets included in the budgeting process for business activity. So in hiring, you need to adjust to the financial factors provided by a company.

Strategic location

To determine this is generally not only in the city center or in the settlements. But it is an area that has great potential to support the commercial activities that will take place. This factor must also be prepared from the beginning before the building is erected.

Comfort factor

There is no denying a comfortable and pleasant office environment that can increase work productivity. For large companies such as Google and Facebook, the recreation space is one of the stimuli for workers to be productive and always creative.

Investment effect

The assets are one of the investments, and that’s one of the Commercial Construction Projects. Changes in sociocultural dynamics are a determining factor in the design of a Commercial Construction Project in a long-term community setting.

Sociocultural factors

Like international food outlets in Indonesia, adjusting to the culture of the surrounding community has a major influence on business potential. And you can start with the correct building design, this factor is almost similar to the need for images.

Use of technology

Not just a unique design, the addition of technological ornaments will have a clear influence on the public view of the Commercial Construction Project to be erected. Especially when it comes to high-tech sales needs.

The last factor to consider in determining the correct location and having potential business prospects. This relates to which city or area is chosen as the location for the construction of buildings to conduct business activities.

While it does not always have any of the above factors, or there are even other factors that influence it, preparing a place to conduct business is very important so far. Even people will easily place their trust if there is a physical building, although now the business process is mostly done online.


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