Eclectic Interior Design Characteristics

Eclectic Interior Design Characteristics

Eclectic interior design characteristics mix one style with another design style from different eras to form a unified whole. Mixing multiple styles doesn’t mean the appearance of a messy design. 

However, the purpose of this style is to combine the furniture of different styles into a unified whole that can create uniqueness and beauty in a room. Eclectic design began to appear in the early 20th century. Back then the house was a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

The more luxurious the content of the house, the higher the degree of the nobility of a person, due to the use of furniture and accessories in bright colors and different from each other. 

Just like the addition of different shapes of different types of furniture in one room makes this interior design characteristic of this eclectic interior.

Eclectic interior design is a style of design and architecture that combines elements of historical styles from the past to create something new and original. 

In architecture and interior design, these elements include building constructions, furniture, decorative motifs, historical ornaments, traditional cultural motifs or styles from other countries.

Would you like to learn more about this eclectic design style? We state the characteristics of this eclectic design as follows:

1. Unique shape of the furniture and decorations used

Eclectic design due to its characteristics that combine several design styles makes this style synonymous with art, as decorations and accessories are used with unique shapes, colors and motifs that give this type of design its own artistic value. 

Antique furniture and deconstructed or asymmetrical designs. Textured wall paint. Upholstery in the form of artwork painting patchwork.

In addition to textured walls, decorations on the walls are often decorated with decorative wallpaper, curtains or stickers. 

A simple mural can also be an option. The colors commonly used range from white, gray to brown. To increase the contrast, you can decorate one of the walls with bricks.

When designing a versatile house, functionality is the main criterion when choosing furniture. However, the value and the aesthetic side are still paramount. 

This versatile furnishing concept is like vintage furniture with clear patterns of wood, iron, floral ornaments and embroidered fabrics. 

Soft and comfortable sofas, antique and modern furniture combine perfectly in the eclectic interior design. The materials used include leather, satin and velvet.

2. Dominated by ethical motives or other works of art

In general, in this eclectic interior design, works of art are used in both paintings and decorations, as well as furniture with carvings that are used to decorate the house, very thick ethnic nuances, like how unique the mirror is with the modern furniture around it.

In fact, when it comes to eclectic decorating, every accessory you use should look like you’ve put it all together over the years. Perhaps with the accessories used you can combine beautiful memories from the past with something valuable or your dreams in the future.

3. Use light color mixes

In addition to artistic and ethnic elements, this type of style also has a light color character and is then combined with other light colors with multiple colors in a room that seems to collide but becomes its own uniqueness that makes it artistic and unique, but nevertheless creates a pleasant feeling when it is inhabited.

You don’t have to rely on classic styles or modern styles to get a comfortable and attractive living unit. Traditional elements clashing with modern elements can reveal a new style, which is eclectic interior design. 

The traditional elements on display have an artistic value that makes your home look unique. Traditional elements also don’t mean outdated or old-fashioned.

In eclectic interior design, colors with neutral accents harmonize the aesthetic elements when combined with bright colors that look luxurious and cheerful. This is so that every element looks alive.

You can also combine the colors of this versatile interior design with beige or light brown. Color accents can be realized using existing articles. Like the paint on the furniture and curtains. You can also combine other neutral colors like light gray. However, we recommend avoiding dark colors for lighting elements such as lights and curtains.

4. Statement objects in every room

Every piece of furniture arranged in the room in an eclectic furnishing style concept has its own function and story. Various types of objects are arranged in the room, from statues, vases, chandeliers, table lamps to floor lamps.

One more thing, eclectic office furniture has a strong eclectic furnishing trait, which is statement objects in any room. 

Make sure you choose an item that can exude the beauty and high aesthetic value of the item. If it’s too difficult, you can use a corner to arrange quality items. So you can go straight to the corner to admire the arranged items.

5. Design is based on function

Don’t forget about the purpose for which you designed this to be inhabited and used. For this reason, it is based not only on aesthetics, but also on function. 

Colors, textures and motifs are difficult to mix in every corner of the room without considering the function. The arrangement of bookshelves, baskets, trays and others can be better organized if the space is also designed according to functionality.

In addition to the use of beautiful furniture, eclectic interior design also means the use of practical and functional furniture. To apply it, you can combine vintage and modern furniture, for example, antique cabinets side by side with chairs that have a modern style

Even if different types of furniture work together, choose a core color from the color elements of the eclectic design to balance the overall look of this design style room.

6. Focal and stylish

When designing the room, keep in mind that although the electric style is a style that combines style and epoch through different types of items, there must be a focal point in the room. 

Highlight something noticeable, such as an accent wall or another eye-catching decorative element. This is by design so that a room doesn’t look messy.

Now to determine the center point of a room with an eclectic interior design, there are several elements you can use, for example placing works of art on frames such as paintings or classically framed photos, walls with unique textures, even a pool table like the one on this one Image.

7. Elements on the floor and roof

Although the eclectic interior design is dominated by ornate decorations and furnishings, the floor and roof have a special character. 

The floors that are frequently used are parquet, laminate, solid wood or tiles. Floors are often decorated with handmade Indian carpets with floral designs.

The roof is made of cement material decorated with crystal chandeliers or contemporary lamps. On the walls, the mostly eclectic interior design relies on decorative wallpapers with light basic colors such as white and brown.


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