Industrial Concept Design

Industrial Concept Design
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The industrial concept design emerged from the need to transform the function of a building such as a factory or an old barn into a residential or residential area with a high level of living comfort.

The design of such an old building requires sufficient technical and mechanical ingenuity. Modern industrial decoration also brings with it the concept of open space. The equipment and accessories are adapted to the room and its purpose and function.

The hallmark of the industrial design concept from the history of industrial style in the form of a factory can be seen from the roof or the ceiling, with an open roof and structural elements to create an element that attractively stages the space like in a factory.

The appearance of the pipes and the scaffolding of the building on the ceiling make it the trademark and uniqueness of this style of furnishing.

Features of Industrial Design Concept

1. Dominate dark colors

The industrial style type usually uses dark colors, grays, or other neutral colors, including the favorite colors for that style which are wood brown, brick red, and black.

However, this is actually not absolute if you are into neutral industrial colors but look sweet like mustard, navy or even rose gold. In addition, these bright colors can accentuate a gloomy industrial impression in your industrial building.

2. Use a brick wall

Brick walls are a defining feature of industrial style house designs. inherent properties reveal a very attractive visualization.

The appearance of the bricks is left visible so that they are very clearly visible, although there are also bricks that are painted gray or white, with accents of brick shapes that are still clearly visible.

In addition to bricks, wood or concrete is usually an alternative. If possible, you can try pairing brick with wood accents on the walls of your industrial facility.

3. Unfinished wall display

If we have talked about the use of brick walls before, then this is still referring to walls, namely the appearance of walls in rooms with industrial interior design that have the impression of an unfinished wall.

The key point is that the wall construction was deliberately left without painting or plastering. Not only aesthetically pleasing brick walls, but also walls with a characteristic gray hue after the demolition show a cool and cool interior atmosphere.

4. Applying wooden or concrete floors

The characteristics of the floor in industrial house design are the use of wood or concrete. Due to the rough appearance, imperfections and blemishes make the art the beauty this style has. Using wooden or even concrete floors gives the impression of a solid floor. Though most people choose concrete or wood materials to reinforce the industrial feel.

The choice of other materials, such as cement floors, is no less interesting. Whichever floor you choose to improve the appearance of industrial interior design, make sure that the material is safe, not easily damaged and pleasant to walk on.

This goes without saying so that the interior of the home can support the safety and comfort of all family members. Or if you are planning to use the concept of industrial office furnishing, security is of course paramount.

5. Open roof

This is the hallmark of industrial-architectural interior design. The exposed structural and mechanical elements, in which the pipes and beams on the ceiling are clearly visible, which are always hidden in other furnishing styles, become one of the most daring steps.

This structural element becomes a very unique and interesting thing in the interior decoration of this design style, especially in the interiors of modern houses.

In order to avoid the industrial style and not appear cramped, the room ceiling must be high. So that the room appears more open and the ceiling design is made easier for you.

To maximize the function of the ceiling in the room, it is better to arrange a mezzanine between the ground floor and the next floor so that the stairs work optimally.

6. A mixture of wood, metal, dark colors and other elements

Wood structure with a rough surface and metal or shiny metal, a little black, gold or copper is another characteristic of industrial interior design.

The combination of metal and wood gives the room its own uniqueness. Chrome accents on the table legs, combined with rustic wood, visualize the properties of industrial furniture.

7. Room with good lighting

This type of industrial interior design has good lighting during the day due to the large windows. Place the window in the correct position to maximize the light that comes in during the day.

At night, the lights in this design usually use dim lights in the room and have many lighting accessories that highlight the details of the equipment such as tables, chairs, walls and other items.

8. Furniture with visually balanced contrasts and attractive

The use of furniture in industrial home design, including cots, plush sofas, pillows or even carpets, can offer a contrasting and interesting visual balance. As for tables and chairs, they usually have a simple shape with wooden base materials combined with metal materials.

Other metal furniture that can be integrated into industrial interior design are used barrels, storage shelves combined with recycled wooden floorboards.

9. Industrial style furniture

When designing industrial interior design, it is usually arranged so that the typical industrial style furniture between the walls of the room looks alive with a stiff and cold impression.

For example, it’s like putting a luxurious sofa near a brick wall and then placing a small table between the sofas.

When setting up an industrial-style cafe, you can also put a bar and a wooden table in the center, while placing a small table and sofa on the edge of the room.

10. Use recycled items

Using materials that are characteristic of industrial interior finishing is certainly not expensive and complicated. You can use used materials and buy them at a flea store.

The use of scrap wood and metal is, of course, a follow-up to the concern about environmental issues, namely the recycling of goods. So my friend only needs to use useful things and the design goes well with the entire interior.

Use used materials to reinforce the industrial atmosphere in your home or coffee shop. For example, industrial design furniture such as used pipes, used cabinets, used iron boxes, mechanical devices, or other items. The strong construction of this material makes it very suitable as creative and unique furniture.


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