Bohemian Interior Design Characteristics

Bohemian Interior Design Characteristic

The concept of bohemian interior design is intended to describe the nontraditional lifestyle of people who wandered around or were homeless in the mid-19th century. Bohemian Interior design characteristics are unique.

Later the term became synonymous with the word “gypsies”, the term was used for those who left Bohemia in Central Europe to escape rigid rule.

They are nomads who do not like to stay in one place for long. Bohemian interior design style refers to a free personality. The bohemian interior style exists because of clutter and uncertainty. Everything arises spontaneously and uses all available objects.

However, there are peculiarities of the bohemian style. The bohemian style is a colorful style that mixes ethnic and vintage styles.

Here are some characteristics of the bohemian style:

1. Natural elements

Bohemian Natural elements

Bohemian interior design is synonymous with natural elements. You can use natural materials in the room, such as rattan furniture.

Rattan is easy to assemble into different types of furniture that are light but still strong. Rattan furniture usually uses neutral colors that are easy to combine with different colors and textures.

2. Wall Art Gallery

Bohemian wall art gallery
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The next element that you can easily find in a bohemian style room is art. You can choose any type of artwork to display indoors.

These include paintings, portraits, sculptures or other art objects that can be displayed on the walls of the room. The presentation of various works of art like this corresponds to the creative and imaginative bohemian spirit.

Fans of the bohemian style tend to be art fans too. An artistic impression is felt immediately when you step into a bohemian-style room.

You can try a bohemian haute design if you want a neater and textured design. You can continue to play with patterns and exhibit works of art without compromising the harmonization of the room design.

The concept of irregularity in the bohemian style interior design can also be seen on the walls. In general, bohemian style interior designs have ornate walls.

There are no specific standards as to what type of decoration to put on the wall. But generally the use of dream catcher decorations, as well as woven macrame as decoration on the walls.

3. Use a lot of fabrics with patterned motifs

Bohemian fabrics with patterned motifs

The use of many fabrics for the room is a feature of bohemian interior design and contrasting colored fabric accessories are complementary accessories, there is no need for harmony. Usually, fabrics in the bohemian style use different types and patterns.

4. Vintage furniture is very attached to bohemian design

Bohemian vintage cabinet is decorated with plants

Bohemian interior design furniture usually looks vintage and has been worn for very a long time. Vintage-style furniture is the frequently used furniture that is upholstered in new fabrics or with colored accents, patterned blankets or pillows that characterize this style.

Bohemian style furniture also often contains a lot of textures. In addition to vintage-style furniture, ethno-style furniture is usually also used in a room, which can make the atmosphere of the room look like freedom.

5. Combined with odds and ends accessories or patterned pillows

Bohemian accessories or patterned pillows

Another feature of the bohemian interior design is the use of unique knick-knacks such as patterned pillows.

Other commonly used accessories are ethnic accessories such as sculptures, plants, hanging woods, patterned carpets, animal skin rugs, antique plates, animal bones, jugs, abstract paintings, dangling fabrics, knick-knacks with floral motifs and tribal motifs, etc., as well as other crafts.

6. Room with good lighting

aesthetic bedroom boho decor

Good lighting in the room is an important point in designing this style by having large windows to allow natural light to enter optimally.

The bohemian interior design is the style of freedom and wildness so that the atmosphere in the house can blend in with the surroundings. Ethnic-themed lantern lamps and chandeliers are the most common types of lamps. Lighting lamps usually use slightly subdued light.

7. There are no specific rules for determining colors

Bohemian decoration ideas for chick

There is no specific color rule in the bohemian interior design. The nice thing about bohemian style is that there really aren’t any rules. If you want to use a lot of frills or decoration on the walls of a room with a variety of colors, use neutral colors so that the artistic value of your accessories is clearly and beautifully visible.

Bohemian interior design can use all kinds of colors. There are no specific rules limiting the number or combination of colors you must follow. For example, room indigo blue was chosen as the wall color. While other elements use different colors ranging from orange, white, brown and red.

8. Placement of indoor plants

Placement of indoor plants bohemian design

The natural impression of a bohemian interior design can be conveyed by placing indoor plants.

We recommend that you choose plants that are easy to care for and effectively repel mosquitoes. Some types of plants that are suitable for indoor use are sansivieria, ivory betel, yellow palm, and peace lily.

9. Use of self-created art

boho use it self-created art
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If you are a person who loves making DIY items, the bohemian interior design style is the right choice for you. This furnishing style enables you to present your own creations.

Cardboard, used bottles, cans and other items can be used to create new products with practical value. The atmosphere of the house becomes even more unique when it is equipped with DIY items.

10. Far from the impression of luxury

bohemian decor ideas

Forget the luxurious impression when you go for this one interior design. Because this one furnishing style is synonymous with a messy and not ostentatious impression.

Irregularity is the key to implementing bohemian interior design that you need to understand. However, that doesn’t mean you are encouraged to leave things scattered around the house, does it?


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