10 Heavy Duty Equipment Names and Pictures

heavy duty equipment

Heavy Duty Equipment – Several names for heavy equipment are familiar to those who work in the construction industry. Currently, various construction activities can be completed faster thanks to the presence of this heavy equipment.

Heavy equipment is not only sophisticated, but it is also very large in size. The large size serves to help construction jobs to be completed more quickly.

There are many types of heavy duty equipment that can be used to simplify and shorten construction work. Below are some heavy duty equipment names and their functions.

Heavy Equipment Definitions

Heavy equipment is a machine that has a large size designed to perform construction tasks such as earthmoving, moving construction materials, etc.

Heavy equipment is generally used in construction jobs, such as building construction, roads, or mining, that require human or mechanical resources as work aids.

The heavy equipment itself is produced by large heavy equipment companies such as Caterpillar (USA), Komatsu (Japan), Hitachi (Japan), Volvo (Sweden), Doosan Infracore (South Korea), etc.

In this article, we will discuss the types of heavy equipment and their functions along with pictures of heavy equipment.

Types of Heavy Duty Equipment

1. Excavators


The excavator is a type of heavy duty equipment that is generally used for digging dirt and moving dirt / other materials to cargo trucks.

In addition to being used for digging soil, the functions of an excavator include leveling the ground, moving heavy materials, embedding foundation rods, dredging rivers, and many others.

2. Bulldozer


Bulldozer is heavy equipment that is generally used for cultivating the land. It is usually used as a means to push material out of the ground, excavated products, either to the front, to the side, or it could be to make a pile of material.

The types of excavators that exist today are quite diverse in their use techniques. Swamp Bulldozer, for example, is an excavator used for work in swamps.

Wheel Tractor Dozer is an excavator that uses rubber wheels. Dozer Crawler Tractor is an excavator that uses centipede wheels.

3. Wheel loaders

Wheel loaders

This wheel loader is equipment whose function is not too far from the bulldozer, that is, to move goods or materials, from one place/tool to another place/tool.

The way it works is by making a loader / digging. The bucket will then be pushed onto the material to be lifted. When the bucket is full, the tractor will reverse and the bucket will lift up and then move.

Another function of the wheel loader is to clean the field or the workplace, move the earth in the vicinity, level the pile of earth and fill it, level the surface or smooth the flat surface, and others.

4. Welsh Stump

Vibro Roller

Stump (Vibro Roller) or also known as Wales is equipment that is used to compact the surface of the soil or asphalt. The stump is often used when making a road.

This tool is actually called a Vibro Roller, but Indonesians often call it a stum or rolling machine.

The sizes of these tools on the market are quite diverse, some are small, medium to large. The tool making can be used on various types of terrain, from small to large terrain.

5. Cranes


The function of the crane is to transport or move material from top to bottom or vice versa. Cranes or tall cranes are generally used in building construction projects.

Materials that are difficult to move by labor to the roof of a building or a high surface will be towed with a crane. This tool can be mechanically moved vertically and horizontally

The types of cranes on the market are quite diverse, from tower cranes, mobile cranes (truck cranes), crawler cranes, hydraulic cranes, overhead cranes, etc.

6. Qualifier

motor grader

A grader or motor grader is heavy-duty equipment with a long blade that can be used to mechanically level the ground.

In addition, this tool can also be used to perform soil dislodges, mix soil, level embankments, fill existing soil excavations, and other things.

Graders are generally used for the final stages, such as repair or adjustment. It is used in the construction and maintenance of dirt roads and gravel roads, or it can also be used to prepare the base course when building roads before the asphalt layer is spread.

7. Scraper

scraper motor

A scraper or motor scraper is a kind of heavy equipment that is widely used to cut the slopes of embankments or embankments of dams. It can also be used to excavate dirt, found between concrete buildings, and can also be used to level roads.

In the process of work, this tool, capable of digging the soil surface to a depth/thickness of about more than 2.5mm, is also capable of filling the desired place, to a minimum thickness of about more than 2.5 mm.

8. Asphalt paver

Asphalt paver

The asphalt paver or often called an asphalt finisher is equipment that can spread asphalt mix that has previously been manufactured by asphalt production equipment.

The downside to this tool is that the centipede wheel’s rotation seems longer. Because the rubber wheels used in the threshold feel rougher.

Learn more about - Asphalt paver

9. Diesel hammer

Diesel hammer

The diesel hammer itself is equipment that is used to hammer the pile into the ground. These tools will generally be used to build foundations in high-rise buildings, piers, tower bridges, and others.

The tool works with a steam engine, to move the hammer, on the single or double action steam-hammer used.

The hammers used to strike the piles used are quite diverse, some are fixed, hanging and others rotate in a vertical plane.

10. Roller

pneumatic roller

The pneumatic roller, or what is often abbreviated as this roller, is one of the tools used in jobs that produce granular materials. In addition, the tool is also often used to grind the existing hot mix layer. That is why the tool is often used as a soil compactor.

The names of the latest heavy-duty equipment are pneumatic rollers that are used to crush granular materials and crush layers of hot mix.
This tool has rubber wheels with air pressure. The greater the pressure produced by the tire, the greater the pressure on the ground.

By knowing the names of the heavy-duty equipment above, you will gain a better understanding of the world of construction work and the various equipment required to get the job done.

Those are some reviews/explanations on the types of the heavy-duty equipment you should know about, along with their functions.


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